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The Sovereign is in the Ground

The Proclamation of God’s Free Grace, Pt. 1

Anticipating Joy

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On Saying Goodbye

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Karl, Kids, and the Kingdom of God, Part 1

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Reformations and Negotiations

"Jesus is Lord" of Our Democracies

There is No Riot Here

Divine Providence and Meaning, Part 1

Barth and Cone on Divine Blackness, Part III

The Monthly Roundup

Embracing Ecclesiastical Change

Kierkegaard, Faith, and Theologies "After Method"

Communing With the Dead

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Jesus is not a Blood Donor

The Scandal of Showing Up as Us

The Death of the Academy

Confronting the Specter of War

"Jesus is Lord" as the Hope of Reconciliation

Apocalyptic, Parabolic, and Disability Theologies in Barth Studies

Writer Highlight: Catherine Tobey

Reckoning with the Unknown Meaning of Chronic Pain

A Heavenly Banquet Table

Cone and Barth on Divine Blackness, Part II

Cone and Barth on Divine Blackness, Part I

Writer Highlight: Maxine King

The Threat to the Church

Where Minarets are Mourning

Dead Idols Instead of the Living God

The Fissures of "Inclusive Orthodoxy"

Freed From and For the Church

Prayer for a World in Conflict

Thinking Botox with Barth

"I see you as a white guy, like me"

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Weekly Roundup #8

Sabbath Rest and Hope

In memoriam: Reverend Dr. Hans-Martin Rumscheidt

Practicing Theology

Karl Barth Thinks You Should Be Vegan

Weekly Roundup #7

Jesus as the Gift of Creation

The Word of God and the Human Word

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God’s Humanism

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

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Shakespeare vs. STEM

What Use Are Theologians?